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NIHMS/NCBI Publication Submission through the Center's Policy Compliance Email 

This option is only for publications that fall into the NIHMS Public Access Policy Guidelines. If you have a publication that falls into this Policy please submit your manuscript to the Center's Policy Compliance email, All manuscripts must be submitted within 2 months of the publication date. Once the correct information is received our Policy Compliance team will submit the manuscript on your behalf and send you updates on its compliance progress. If additional information is needed someone from our team will reach out to you.

Send the Following Information to the Center's Email: 

  • Approved manuscript
  • Publication Citation 
  • Funding numbers associated with the publication 

NIHMS/NCBI Publication Submission through Manuscript Submission System

Submitting publications that fall into the Public Access Policy guidelines within 3 months of the publication date is extremely important for funding for your research study. If you have a publication that falls into the Public Access Policy please submit your manuscript within the given time frame into the manuscript submission system. 

Manuscript Submission System

When and How to Comply with NIHMS Public Access Policy

Public Access Policy Guidelines: 

  • Is peer-reviewed;
  • And, is accepted for publication in a journal on or after April 7, 2008;
  • And, arises from:
  • Any direct funding from an NIH grant or cooperative agreement active in the Fiscal Year 2008 or beyond, or;
  • Any direct funding from an NIH contract signed on or after April 7, 2008, or;
  • Any direct funding from the NIH Intramural Program, or;
  • An NIH employee.

Public Access Policy

 A2DRC Purchasing System 

A2DRC employees can submit purchasing requests through our online form. This is a Google-based application and requires the requestor to login with a Google account. If you do not have a Google account click the button below to create one.  

Google Account

The A2DRC Purchasing Form is to be used for: 

  • Items not included on Buy Ways 
  • Employees who cannot use a PCard 
  • Employees that need assistance 
  • Large or blanket orders that require an official Purchase Order 

A2DRC Purchasing System Application

A2DRC Wiki

The Asthma & Airway Disease Research Center host a centralized, secure Wiki site that serves as an archive of all study documents - questionnaires, coding sheets, data dictionaries, letters to the participants, visit summaries, protocols. grant proposals, presentations and data summaries. This is a resource for our investigators that helps to familiarize themselves with all the study questionnaires, to form intelligent research questions and to understand the breadth of the data that has been collected. Labs can use the wiki to store protocols, document processes, QA/QC, and variable creation. 

How to gain Access to the A2DRC Wiki site: 

  • Access to the Wiki is controlled, requiring approval by the A2DRC Analytics Group
  • Please send your request to
  • Note you must be on the COM VPN