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Recent News

Poor growth, nutrition in children may predict respiratory issues in adulthood

Poor growth and nutritional deficits in infants and children may predict respiratory issues later in life, researchers reported in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Undernourished Infants at Risk for Lung Restriction, Weaker Health as Adults, UArizona Health Sciences Study Finds

Infants and children with poor nutrition and growth are more likely to suffer from a serious respiratory condition that has been linked to comorbidities and early mortality as adults, according to an international investigation led by researchers at the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

Undernourished infants at risk for lung restriction, weaker health as adults, study finds

"Participants who were underweight in childhood had a risk of developing lung restriction that was three times higher than children with normal weight," said Dr. Guerra, a professor of medicine and the Henry E. Dahlberg Chair in Asthma Research at the UArizona College of Medicine -- Tucson

Recent Publications

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