Stefano Guerra , MD, PhD, MPH

Professor, Medicine
The Henry E. Dahlberg Chair in Asthma Research
Director, Population Sciences, A2DRC
Professor, UA Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
Professor, UA BIO5 Institute
Research Scientist, A2DRC

Selected Publications


Voraphani N, Stern DA, Zhai J, et al. "The role of growth and nutrition in the early origins of spirometric restriction in adult life: a longitudinal, multicohort, population-based study." Lancet Respir Med. 2022;10(1):59-71. PMID: 34843665


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Clinical Trials

Study Title (link to more info on this site) Link to Studysort descending Trial Status Principal Investigator
Tucson Epidemiological Study of Airway Obstructive Disease (TESAOD) Current Trial - Enrollment Complete Stefano Guerra , MD, PhD, MPH, Fernando Martinez, MD
Tucson Children's Respiratory Study (TCRS) Current Trial - Enrollment Complete Stefano Guerra , MD, PhD, MPH, Fernando Martinez, MD
CC16 COVID Pilot Current Trial - Enrolling Stefano Guerra , MD, PhD, MPH